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Our custom water-activated tape has your logos printed, and it is used on business envelopes, boxes, and shipments to your customers. It is created to remain perfect for eco-friendly and recycling, whereas the tape paper can give your logo a quality look. The tape is designed with reinforced material that will ensure that package remains safe from any tampering. 

Custom water-activated tape by Wukii is straightforward to apply and needs a wet sponge (included in our service) to ensure that tape sticks to your box or envelope in the right way. You can select the tape length and other features and let us know so we can create your custom tape and deliver it right to you.

Explore Our Custom Water-Activated Tape

Custom water-activated tapes are the new trend in town! More and more online boxes are getting delivered to consumers, so companies require more tapes. Companies want their boxes to be different from others, so they go for custom tapes. It is also cost-effective to display company messages, values, QR codes, eco-friendly messages, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Custom Water Activated Tape? 

It’s very secure

The seal in our custom water-activated tape is excellent and secure from any tamper throughout the delivery process. 

Brand image

You can pre-print logos and other messages on the tape to increase your brand reputation and recognition in front of the customers.

Effective Technique 

Our custom water-activated tape will always get perfectly done on the box with a tape dispenser, and not only from hand.

Withstand Pressure

The tape is created with the highest quality to withstand dust, cold, hot, and humid environments while retaining the seal.

Ideal Use Of Custom Water Activated Tape

  • When you need to advertise your brand to every doorstep. 
  • When you need to reduce the expenses of advertisement. 
  • When you want customers to identify the packaging requirements of your delivery. 

Why Choose Wukii Be Your Partner?

Leading companies are already using their logos and other designs on their tapes. We can design the perfect custom water-activated tape for your needs. Why are we the best? 

– Our designs are based on your concept 

– Material is made from the highest quality

– We are a budget-friendly company 

– Our quality control is spot on

– Fastest package delivery time 

Frequently Asked Questions 

To make the tape sticky, you will have to apply the water on the bottom side, visible when peeling. If you have a logo on tape, it is the side you need to make wet. You can do it through a wet sponge that we will share with you. 

Yes! You can get your logo or business logo printed on the tape. You can contact our support to get the best deal for your requirements. 

We design our products to stay eco-friendly, so the tape is recyclable, even if you have applied water to it.

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