All your special needs can be satisfied here in Wukii. Wukii has been a leader  among custom packaging manufacturers with in-depth knowledge of  all customization options, which allows you to customize your unique packaging.

Choose Your Custom Water Activated Tape With Full Options

Wukii creates the best line of water-activated tape products. The recent trend of eCommerce shipping has revived the experience of water-activated tapes. Our focus is to let our customers brand their business logo on the tapes on the shipping parcel. There are various options to choose from, and if you want a custom design, we can do it as well.







Our team checks any legal issues that may come within the width of the tape. The most accepted width size for water-activated tape is around 283 inches (72 mm) and about 3 inches (76 mm) to fit perfectly on all significant card boxes. 


The length of the printed area is known as repeat size, and it is the distance from the reference point in the design to the next time the same design will be published.


Printing style is required to know about the tape design. In the last few years, it has become very popular for tape designs to be of the highest level and it has made the printed tape more recognizable in packaging. There are many types of it: 

Logo Printing

The logo is printed on tape repeatedly for this style.

Flood Coat Printing

This style gives the most dramatic tape design.

Random/Pattern Printing

This style has various shape designs, images, and other logos that give full coverage within the layout. 

Process Printing

This style offers to print complex designs that give the right visualization of a product or a service. 


It is very important to select the right colors to achieve brand consistency. Wukii offers the best set of colors. 

Reinforced And Non-Reinforced

Reinforced tape is reinforced with fiberglass, and it is suitable for presentation style related to eCommerce boxes that weigh about 20 lbs. Non-reinforced tape is primarily used for eCommerce and weighs about 10 lbs. It is made through recycled and non-recycled content.

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