Water Activated Tape Manufacturing

Wukii produces multiple water-activated tape products. In the recent eCommerce boom, online purchases have increased, and the focus has shifted towards online branding. The companies are now using water-activated tapes to showcase their logos and brand to consumers. To meet the high-end demand for manufacturing tons of water-activated tapes every day, we follow the best marketing standards.

Wukii Automatic Manufacturing Approach​

From designing the kraft paper to the very final stage, our team ensures that we follow the best standards of the supply chain. Our facility is always upgrading itself with the latest machines that will help bring the best quality and a low price to give an eco-friendly tape for the users that will produce the best results when a logo or any other design is printed on it. Here are the steps that we follow: 


Raw Material Selection

Our team has hands-on expertise in this field and we make sure that every water-activated tape is prepared with the finest set of ingredients. The first step is to collect the raw material in the form of paper will be, and experts then finalize it. 

Kraft Paper






We only use the best and high-end coating machines to produce quality and uniformity of the water-activated tape and its characteristics. Our coating is done in the right way to prevent the tape from all chemicals, corrosion, and contamination and also keep it from sticking on its own before you do it. 



We use the best multi-color printing techniques to ensure the accuracy is met every time and the beauty of the product is never compromised in the pattern and content. Once all the checkboxes are ticked, it’s time to pass the product to the next level. 



Once we understand and engage your idea, our team ensures that the custom design is passed from the production. There is no time wasted on this process to get fast approval. Wukii team then starts the cutting process of the tape through the latest machines so that accuracy is always met. 



We do 100% of the testing within our processes and once the product is done, we do a self-inspection to ensure that we are satisfied. Our department has more than 10 years of experience in testing the design and finished product so we take every step very carefully along the process. If there’s any bug found, we make sure that the tape is discarded and done again to give the best product to our consumers. 



The last step is to package your parcel and dispatch it to you on time. We ensure that we offer the best services and that is why we also include small items such as sponges as a gift so that you can apply the water on the tape through it. Once the package is delivered to the customer, we move on to the next one!

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