Water Activated Tape

Wukii manufactures a full line of various types of water-activated tapes, we provide a superior seal for your boxes. Water-activated tapes (also known as gummed paper tape or gummed tape) offer advantages not found in other carton sealing tape. It is the first choice when considering such vital factors as strength, safety, employee security, professional appearance, and recyclability.

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Water-activated tape is developed to create an excellent seal on your corrugated boards and provides benefits that other methods of sealing a carton do not have. It is the best choice for specialists working in the packaging industry due to its strength, quality, security, and appearance.

WAT or Water-activated tape is resistant to tampering. It feels dry, but it gets activated when needed for use. Compared to pressure-sensitive tape, it’s easy to peel off from the box and save cost.

Two Types Of Water Activated Tape

Reinforced Water Activated Kraft Tape

This tape is reinforced with fiberglass, and it is suitable for presentation style related to eCommerce boxes that weigh about 20 lbs.

Non-Reinforced Water Activated Kraft Tape

It is ideal for presentation boxes primarily used for eCommerce and weighs about 10 lbs. It is made through recycled and non-recycled content.

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What Are The Benefits Of Our Water Activated Tape?


Our water-activated tape comes with a solid seal that is very secure and helps prevent any kind of theft or tamper.

One Seal

Our water-activated tape requires only one seal to create a bond that will never come off.

Safe Technique

Our water-activated tape is applied through a tape dispenser and not a hand tape gun, so it’s always perfectly done.  


Our water-activated tape can withstand dust, cold, hot, and humid conditions while retaining the seal till you open it.

High Toughness

Our tapes have a superior tensile strength hard to break longitudinally.

Your Benefits

From 500 Units

We offer a low MOQ 500 units of water activated·tapes to help you keep pace with new trends.

Extensive Made-to-Order Option

Create a unique line of water activated·tapes with different artworks through our diverse OEM options.


Wukii can provide free samples to help you determine if our design is ready for mass production.

Full Service Support

From pre-sale consultation to design considerations, we provide various services to assist you with any of your business needs.

Factory Price

Save money on high-quality in-stock and custom water activated·tapes with our factory-direct prices.

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Our attentive customer department keeps track of your orders and responds to inquiries in a timely manner.

Wukii Service

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We help you create a unique water-activated tape for your business. Our product has all the ingredients needed to balance design and strength that can handle all kinds of materials present in the package.

  • Our designs are established on your concept
  • You can select the material that you like
  • We are a budget-friendly company
  • Our quality control is spot on
  • Fastest package delivery time

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions, you’ll find answers to common questions about water activated tape.

Water-activated tape is superior when it comes to handling low-speed and hand applications. On the other hand, the pressure-sensitive tape is designed for high-speed case sealers.

It is effective for printed cardboards, where the sender’s logo is not visible because the water-activated tape is not see-through.

More companies have started to utilize water-activated tape in their product shipping. Any company can easily use these tapes, but companies prefer to use them when they need secure, sustainable, and branded solutions. It is already a big hit in food, clothing, furniture, jewelry, and more.

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