Quality Management

Wukii offers a variety of water-activated tapes by keeping a strict check on the quality. The highest quality adhesive creates a bond between both new and recycled carton boxes. Our quality management ensures that extra layers are added to ensure the strength of the seal is not broken before the product reaches the customer.

We Use High-Quality Material


Kraft paper

It is most common for carton boxes to use eco-friendly material for sealing. The kraft paper is reliable, bio-degradable, and recyclable with the best adhesive. Kraft paper is reinforced and even water-activated through fiberglass for the best seal.

Print Ink

Wukii offers print ink colors in various forms. If you require a particular ink color, you can always let us know. Once the design is approved, we will also share a prototype of your sample so you can see how ink colors appear in reality.


We only use the best and finest glue quality for lightweight objects, including paper or plastic, with easy-to-release properties.

Daily Quality Control Checkup

We keep a close look at the quality control of our tapes.

Our quality management process includes daily inspections within the production process to keep everything accurate.

This process helps us to maintain our standard and help your business succeed.

Complete Inspection Before Shipping

Before the product is shipped to you, our expert team members give a complete look at your tapes to find if there is any missing piece or design fault.

Our strict standards ensure that no product goes by without a thorough checkup.

What Are The Four Aspects W Check?


We check the tamper-evident of water-activated tapes against closures.


Ensuring that it is recyclable and sustainable for use.


The tape is easy to apply without folding or creasing it.

Ease of Use

The tape is efficient enough for closure and maximizing the output

Our Certification

Our patent certificate protects our intellectual property for innovative washi tape that can boost any business market standings.

Need Custom Water Activated Tapes?

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Prompt Response in 1 hour

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