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Wukii offers the best water-activated tape dispensers that help to seal your carton boxes safely. The water-activated tape gives a solid bond that provides the best-tampered solution for your needs. You can get the dispensers in fiberglass reinforced and plain paper and various styles to go with your printing.

Automatic Water-activated Tape Dispensers

Water-activated tape dispensers with an electric option are mostly preferred for the packaging styles with medium to high volumes. It’s a fast machine that works efficiently for all random size cartons, and it’s best for packaging solutions that are above 50 packages every day. There are many features included in an automatic water-activated tape dispenser. 

– Hands-free dispensing through fast foot pedals.

– The tape helps to simply the dispenser problems related to long tape. 

– Automatic addition of new features after the previous version. 

Manual Water-activated Tape Dispensers

Water-activated tape dispensers that work manually are easily integrated into all packaging stations, and anyone with very little training can operate them. These dispensers need no electricity, and they are portable as well. Such dispensers are best suited for packaging the solutions that do not need any access to electricity and can print about 50 cartons every day. 

Why Switch to Water-Activated Tape?

Strength Seal 

For water-activated tapes, the most commonly used paper is white or colored. If you have heavy products, you will require reinforced tape to add extra strength to the seal. The packaging with dispenser is best for all environments, including dusty, dirty, cold, and hot. 

Box Security 

Water-activated tape through a dispenser will form a tight seal around the box to prevent any tamper. This is also known as a destructive seal as the water-activated tape will get a bond with corrugate material.

Custom Printed Tape

It’s an excellent option to use when you want to brand throughout your shipping process. The paper-based water-activated tape is customized with the company logo and other messages printed on the boxes that your customers will see when they receive the box.

Customized Tape Usage

Water-activated dispenser ensures that only the exact amount of measure comes out and gets cut and wet. It checks the exact amount of tapes you need every day for the cartons. It also ensures that the exact tape amount for every box is sealed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Our water-activated tape dispensers are sold everywhere through our distribution network. You can also purchase the desired dispenser from the website and other platforms. 

Such cartons include glossy, printed cardboard boxes and boxes where the logo of the sender will be covered because the water-activated tape is not transparent. 

It is used to secure the corrugated cartons and other papers and envelopes needed for cardboard shipping.

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