Differences Between Reinforced And Non-reinforced Water Activated Tape

When you’re not an old-timer in an industry, it is natural that you often do not know what certain things are. Today we are here to shed light on some of the products that we offer. 

These products include all sorts of water activated tapes, which include reinforced and non-reinforced water activated tapes. We will discuss both of these in further detail in this article. 

Water activated tapes are the best solution to all your shipping-related problems. They improve the safety of your packages and reduce the chances of theft. However, as good as they are, not everyone is entirely familiar with water-activated tape. 

The purpose of this article is to make you more aware of your options when it comes to water-activated tape, so you can make better choices for yourself when purchasing a product that best suits your needs. 

If you want to learn more about reinforced and non-reinforced water activated tapes, keep on reading forward. 

Let’s get right to it!

What Is Reinforced Water Activated Tape?

Reinforced Water Activated Tape

There are several different types of water activated tapes. One of those types is reinforced water-activated tape. 

Designed for carton sealing, this tape comes in handy when you have to pack products for shipping. The best thing about reinforced water activated tapes is that the adhesive bond is pretty strong. 

It is so strong that a carton layer also rips off with it when you take it off. It is due to the strong bond that the tape forms with the surface of the carton. It makes the tape theft deterrent which is amazing when you’re moving products in bulk.

Reinforced tapes are made with fiberglass strands which is why it has gotten their name. Moreover, you can’t remove reinforced water activated tape without the surface ripping off. It is fantastic for heavy shipments and shipments where the journey is pretty long.

Reinforced tapes are designed to seal cartons in situations where consistent strength, reliability, and durability are required. There exists an extra-strong bond between the fiberglass yarn and the high tensile sheets for additional strength.

What Is Non-reinforced Water Activated Tape?

 Non-reinforced Water Activated Tape

Similar to reinforced water activated tape, this is another variation of the popular water activated tape. Wherever strength is needed between two surfaces, this should be your go-to option. 

Non-reinforced water activated tape is made of paper only. Instead of reinforced water activated tape, this does not have another extra layer to add to the adhesion. It is fantastic to use because it rips off relatively easily and works best for lighter shipments. 

It can use on carton edges, corners and many irregular surfaces as well. Usually used to seal standard size or lightweight packages, this tape offers fast adhesion and great strength compared to regular pressure-sensitive tape.

By default, you will have to rip off the tape from an edge if you want to remove the tape. When you take it off, you will notice that the tape can’t be re-sealed because the sticky surface disappears from the tape. 

Because of this, the package that you want to ship will remain relatively safer from tampering. The removal process is easy if you’re talking from the customer’s perspective, who has to open the parcel. 

It is because non-reinforced can be cut easily, and a pair of scissors is all it takes to cut it off.

Advantages and Features of Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Reinforced water activated forms an extremely strong bond with the surface. The bond is strong enough for the package to last the whole of the trip. Moreover, the tape is versatile enough to seal different-sized cartons and can withstand extreme environments.

Reinforced water-activated tape forms a stronger bond with the surface, resulting in it ripping off part of the carton when you take it off. It makes the parcel extremely safe, and nobody will think of tampering with it because it is easily noticeable.

Another plus point is that you don’t need to apply pressure on the tape to stick to the surface. When you have to seal many different cartons for shipment simultaneously, this tape comes in extremely handy due to the ease of use it provides. 

You will find yourself getting done with this part much quicker as compared to pressure-sensitive tape.

Advantages and Features of Non-reinforced Water Activated Tape

The non-reinforced tape also carries much of the advantages that reinforced tape does. Just like reinforced tape, it is mainly used for sealing cartons. 

It is also very strong but only strong enough to be easily ripped off. Since it is made of paper, it is easier to take off and cut. The tape doesn’t have fiberglass strands, so it cuts relatively easier than reinforced water-activated tape. 

The tape is also almost 3 inches wide, which makes closing boxes easy. Plus, the wideness of the tape also makes it much stronger than other alternatives. Due to this, the tape is excellent when it comes to packaging.

Applications Of Reinforced And Non-reinforced Water Activated Tape

Water activated tape is usually used to seal boxes, which includes corrugated cartons and boxes. The adhesive box is strong enough for the boxes not to open until the shipment is complete and the package is safe with the customer. 

The tapes are most easily applied at room temperature and perform pretty well throughout normal room temperature ranges.

How to Use Water Activated Tape?

The usage of reinforced and non-reinforced water activated tape is similar.

First, to use it and apply it to surfaces, you would need to get the bottom (non-printed) side of the tape wet. It can be done by using a wet sponge with tape or a tape dispenser, making the work a lot easier.

Moistening the surface activates the adhesive and causes it to form a bond with the box.

When the tape is moistened, please put it on the package that you want to enclose, and that’s it. Now it is ready to be shipped to the customer!

Which One Is Better?

Both reinforced and non-reinforced tapes have their advantages. They are used for different purposes. 

If you wish to use the tape to enclose a heavier package and go a longer distance, the reinforced tape should be your first choice. 

However, if you’re looking for a shorter route for the package, which is lightweight, you can consider applying the non-reinforced water-activated tape.

The reinforced variant is better when it comes to adhesion, but it is too strong in some cases. So if you feel that the package isn’t that heavy, you can use non-reinforced water activated tape.

Both reinforced and non-reinforced tapes are available on our website. You can access them from the hyperlinks added!






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